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Get local phone service and save money. Find a local phone plan in your area by choosing a Local Phone Plan for Infrequent Callers. 
One of the best-kept secrets in the phone industry could save you hundreds of dollars every year. That secret is discount local phone services. Whether you spend a lot or a little, you're sure to find a telephone plan that will save you money at this website. Search our site and find the right plan for you. Depending on the local phone plan you currently have, a discount carrier can save you up to 60%. Listed below are local phone plans that offer the best value in local phone services.
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Cheap Local Phone Service

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Local Telephone Service

How do you know what the best long distance plans and long distance service is right for you? Review this section to learn more about the best long distance plans and what types of LD service might be right for you. Premium Local Phone Service Providers: Analyze several local phone service providers in your area and see what long distance and local phone service can work within your budget.

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RECENT NEWS about Local Phone Services

FCC Decision May Affect Your Local Phone Service!
On February 20, 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted new rules for network unbundling obligations of incumbent local phone carriers. 

One result of this decision is that you may get significantly lower monthly local phone service rates through discounts available from alternate competitive local phone service providers. These providers may utilize the same facilities and the same telephone lines and phone numbers that you now use today. Therefore, if you decide to transition your local phone service to one of these alternate local service providers, you can keep your same lines and phone numbers without requiring a new installation. For details of the FCC decision, visit the February 2003 headlines section of the FCC's web site. 

Local Phone Service


Cheap Local Phone Service


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